Lala Linen Relocation

I immigrated to New Zealand a little over 3 years ago with my kiwi husband and 2 girls.  I had always worked in South Africa and had a fabulous showroom in Cape Town.  I wanted desperately to recreate Lala Linen in New has been slow and I was lucky enough to be offered a studio space to be productive in at Goom Landscape.  The time here has been invaluable and the Goom team are inspirational and I will visit often for some strong coffee and chats - mostly about what I can do with my phase 98 never ending house / garden project...

The time has come for Lala Linen to grow and Ive decided to relocate to the Design Centre of Christchurch in Barbadoes Street - Design Made - a stand alone showroom for Lala Linen in 2020.  I look forward to meeting new designers and hope to be more accessible to all.

For the rest of this year, Ill be working on a huge project that has been in the making for some time this space.  I will travel, once again, to see my supply factory in Egypt and hope to be inspired always on my travels to creating new designs for Lala Linen to offer.

A visit to Cape Town is also on the horizon and Ill be looking to bring some bedroom additions back with me, lighting, object and possibly towelling...


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